WaterWick Patio Pot Flower Trials

We would like to launch the WaterWick Patio pot during the Flower Trials. The Patio pot is provided with a patented grid. All the plants you like can be mixed and matched on this grid. Six long WaterWicks and clicksticks are included in the Patio pot. You can insert the long WaterWicks in your favorite plants via the clicksticks. Insert the water level stick in the Patio pot so you can see the current water level. The Patio pot is available in a small and large version. The grid diameter of the small version is 29 cm and the 34 cm for the large patio pot grid.

WaterWick provides plants with the right amount of water through the wick. It keeps plants perky through transportation, and in your retail display. In the store the plants are easy to maintain due to WaterWick self-watering system. The plant drinks water from the reservoir, taking only what it needs, plants have a longer shelf life which reduce loss to shrink.

Once the customer takes the plant home, the plant stays in shape due to the continuous access to water. The blue and white rope can be inserted in any plant. This can be done either automatically with a Visser Horti System WaterWick Applicator, or with the Clickstick, to do it yourself.