‘Plantbutler’ Because who doesn’t want a butler for his plants?

WaterWick introduces ‘Plantbutler’: the new lifestyle brand for products and plant accessories based on the Waterwick system. A new lifestyle brand has been created to bring plants back in the lives of the young the old and the restless. Plantbutler aknowledges that lifestyle is about great plants, easy care, but also about a beautiful product which will look good in your house.

The first ‘shop in shop’ was launched at Intratuin Numansdorp, the Netherlands where a complete department featuring the Plantbutler brand has been opened in November 2015.

A second shop has been launched in Rotterdam city centre at KEET Rotterdam. We opened a pop-up shop at Keet in January 2016.

Growndowntown is our partner for the promotion and sales activities of the VegeTable. The VegeTable is a compact, fancy and easy to use table to display and harvest fresh herbs and vegetables. The table is based on the proven Waterwick System and is a perfect tool to bring back the green and fresh experience into an urban environment.

Growndowntown offers a complete tailor made solution for the supply and use of fresh green products in offices and hospitality environments. GDT provides the hardware (the Table) and a selection of delicious herbs and vegetables. You can order your selected plants in the VegeTable inserts, fully grown or with young plants so you can finish them yourself