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About Waterwick Inside

A self watering system for plants which can be applied automatically, that’s a first (patent pending)! A blue & white rope (wick) does the trick. The rope draws water from a reservoir and provides any plant with the exact right amount of water. How can that be? The plant itself decides when it is watered and how much it is watered. The plant is therefore always in its happy plant zone!

WaterWick inside

This simple technique inside your product is a great solution to shorten your cultivation period, to improve your quality in the supply chain, to improve your shelf life and to make your consumer very successful and happy with your product! Waterwick Inside guarantees your consumer a happy plant in the design you provide to promote your product, brand or theme.

And a Shoelace?

Hmm, what if I would just use my shoe laces? Well, you could, but the blue & white Waterwick Inside has been thoroughly tested by the renowned potted plant grower Costa Farms and has proven to be solid, clean and functional over time & product. We are willing to test your shoe laces as well, but this might just be easier! Since easy is what we do, we would love to invite you to find solutions for your specific product.


Waterwick Inside products

Waterwick Inside video

Why Choose WaterWick?

  • Automation or not yet?
  • WaterWick can be automated and is easily applicable for larger operations
  • WaterWick is the most cost-efficient self-watering system when applied automatically
  • WaterWick can be applied manually, semi-automatically or automatically
  • WaterWick can be firmly applied with the WaterWick sticks
  • Flexibility
  • WaterWick is suitable for every pot size
  • WaterWick is available for nearly every plant
  • WaterWick matches every cover pot
  • WaterWick offers different solutions for different watering needs
  • Supply Chain
  • WaterWick can be used in cultivation for better results
  • WaterWick offers a special cultivation pot, which saves half the substrate
  • WaterWick offers a special ebb and flow cultivation pot
  • WaterWick can be shipped without cover pot
  • WaterWick can be supplied with special transport trays
  • More Than A Watering System
  • WaterWick is being offered with numerous matching accessories
  • WaterWick launches continuously innovative products
  • WaterWick offers marketing support for (online) stores whether you are a grower, trader or retailer
  • WaterWick Is Worldwide Available
  • WaterWick is being supported worldwide by leading companies in the industry
  • WaterWick has a worldwide dealer network
  • Reliability
  • WaterWick has been tested and proven on a broad scale with the biggest retailers in the USA
  • WaterWick has been tested and proven by leading growers and traders in the industry from Europe and USA
  • WaterWick has been developed by the winner of the Grower of the Year Award and the biggest pot plant grower in the USA



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